In our first post, we made a cake analogy where apps were cakes, and development teams were maser cake makers. Our take was that marketing was the cherry on top and no cake maker should be expected to know or learn about growing cherries. We are here for this!

But what’s in a cherry really?

A cherry tree requires well-drained fertile soil, protection from frost, proper pruning, and protection from birds before harvest. You can imagine that each one of those requirements has its own details and complications.

Marketing mobile apps are not much different except that we can point to two main components to succeed in it:One of them is money, and the other one is expertise.

You’re in luck that Cherry does both.

First, Money

It is not for nothing if Cardi B goes on and about money in her famous clip, or Jay-Z and Pharrel Williams underline its importance in their aptly named song “Entrepreneur”. Yeah, money matters, especially if you want to grow your business.

It especially matters in mobile marketing where you have a multitude of channels and options to reach your potential users. From influencers to Facebook ads, or from creating marketing material for your product to conducting A/B tests for them, almost anything requires money.

With its revenue-sharing model, Cherry covers every marketing expense without asking for any equity in your business. This means that if your app has a lot of potentials but fails to gain some traction because you lack funds to pay for marketing, you can relax and sit back: Cherry is the right partner for you.

Second, Expertise

Money is great but is nearly worthless if you don’t know where, how, and when to spend it. We can break down “expertise” into several sub-components:

Channel Management

There are a lot of channels on which you can advertise for your product: Apple Search Ads, Google, Facebook, Tiktok, and many more. Each of those channels requires some testing with different visuals, budgets, and keywords. So choosing the right channel with the right visuals and keywords becomes critical when growing an app. Our veteran growth team does all necessary research, consults with design and product teams before deciding on a marketing mix and setting a budget. Then monitor the performance of each channel and make necessary adjustments to make the most of the budget. All this without the development team (that means you) lifting a finger.

Creative & Product Support

Think about everything an app should have visually. Mobile app screens, AppStore descriptions, videos, statics, and banners for marketing purposes A/B testing, and so on… Cherry takes care of all that and churns out new marketing material constantly to find the best match for your app. We also make suggestions on the app about the paywall, design, features, and competition but they remain as suggestions. At Cherry we respect the creator’s choices: we only expect development teams to deliver a working, bug-free app; suggestions are not mandatory.

Optimization & Monetization

Here at Cherry, efficiency is our obsession.

Weekly packages more efficient than monthly ones? A possibility to sell the same package in Japan for a dollar more? You can bet that we will discover it and implement it to squeeze out every dime for your app. Our in-house analysis tools enable us to have a holistic view and with constant testing of new countries, new packages, and price points we will find the optimum price points for any app.

So that’s it.

In a world where customers can choose from a selection of dozens of cakes, a cherry on top can make all the difference. However, having a cherry that looks and tastes great requires a lot more effort than you might imagine.


We, at Cherry, are master cherry growers and we are here to pick the perfect cherry for your cake. So let’s join forces to serve delicious and visually stunning cakes to the world!

So, if you are interested and would like to know more,
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