Building a successful app is just like making a good cake. Yeah, you read it right.

Even though cake making and app-building might feel like two different activities, they have a lot in common. Here’s why.

Take the sponge in a “Foret Noire”: a famous and traditional German cake that has a complex recipe. Getting it right may require a bit of trial and error, just like the A/B testings you might run for your app. Or take the chocolate wrapping, which requires some chocolatier skills; just like the UX of your app, which also requires a deep UX knowledge. And the final adjustment before serving; the cherry on top…

The cherry on a cake might look like a small detail -that’s true. After all, you have successfully made a delicious cake with high-quality ingredients. What will a single cherry add to the experience you might ask?

Well, a lot.

A bright red cherry will immediately render your cake much more appealing to the person who sees it. And if it is also delicious, the experience will be all the more perfect. As you might have guessed, the cherry in our analogy is marketing, pure and simple.

The marketing of an app might come as an afterthought just like the cherry on a cake to most development teams who are master cake makers but might lack the skills, time, or the budget to get the right cherry.

Just as you would need to learn the skills to grow and take care of a cherry tree, the app marketing business is a world of its own. And no cakemaker should be expected to grow a cherry tree.

We created Cherry to put cherries on top of the great apps.

“We think that there are a lot of apps out there, which are not appreciated to their true value and get lost in the jungle of apps, because of a lack of adequate marketing…”

Cherry is an app publishing company.

Founded by veterans of the industry, we have been in the mobile app business for more than 10 years. We think that there are a lot of apps out there that are not appreciated to their true value and get lost in the jungle of apps because of a lack of adequate marketing. Finding an interesting problem to solve, developing the product to solve it, and finding the way to monetize it already requires a lot of time and effort. Mobile App Marketing, being a world of its own, it is understandable that some brilliant developer teams who successfully completed the hard part of developing the product, fail at gaining traction on the app stores. We are here to give them the necessary nudge to unlock the full potential of their apps.

Cherry provides a 360 marketing service with a revenue share model for apps that have a subscription-based model.

We take over every aspect of marketing for the app:

  • Pricing,
  • Markets,
  • Marketing mix,
  • Visuals,
  • Blog posts etc. and we also pay for everything.

All you have to do is to focus on the product and its development.

In exchange, we take a cut of the generated revenue.

It is a win-win partnership.


So, if you are interested and would like to know more,
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Unlock The Full Potential Of Your App