The Google Play Store is the official app marketplace launched by Google. It has become the largest app store in its niche and offers a variety of services to help users thereof. The Google Play Store was first introduced on October 22, 2008, and the next day, its app store was opened to Android users.

The Google Play Store is a source for all Android applications, created by developers from around the world. It’s even more than that: it’s a thriving ecosystem of over 2 million apps and an audience of over 1 billion users. If you are interested in creating your own applications and building your career as an Android developer, this guide will help you to gain a better understanding of the platform.

What Is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is an online store where people go to find and enjoy mobile apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and more on their Android devices.*

How Do I Download Google Play Store?

As The Google Play Store provides on their website, The Play Store app comes pre-installed on Android devices that support Google Play and can be downloaded on some Chromebooks.*

What Is The Purpose Of The Google Play Store?

Besides being the go-to place for Android devices, Play Store has so much to offer. Being available in 190 countries and partners with developers from all over the world, Google Play Store helps them to distribute their apps in an affordable way and supports them with its large guide library.

Does The Google Play Store Cost Money?

Downloading Google Play Store doesn’t cost money. But if you want to install mobile apps that require payment, you need to pay the amount of money the app requires.

If you want to buy or rent books, movies & TV shows from the store, you should also pay the required money depending on what you wish to buy.

Also, if you’re a developer and want to publish your android app on the Google Play Store, you should create a developer account and pay a certain amount fee, which is $25 for a year.

What Is The Difference Between Play Store And App Store?

Both stores have different characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. You can examine which one is beneficial for your app and make your decision accordingly. Or your app can be in both stores, too, if you’ve developed your mobile app in this way.

App Store

• A platform for iOS devices
• Yearly fee is $100 for creating a developer account
• Has strict policies for publishing app and advertising
• Security level is very high
• Accepts apps with a certain, and a higher standard than Play Store
• Competition is high
• A more popular place that can provide more revenue depending on the app

Google Play Store

• A Platform for android devices
• Yearly fee is $25 for creating a developer account
• Policies for publishing app and advertising is not as strict as in the App Store u
• More developer-friendly
• Has a large guide library for developers
• Has too many apps that do not have a high standard
• Reviews and refunds are faster and easier
• Has advanced category section

Google Play Books 

Google Play Books is in the books section of Google Play Store, the platform has e-books and audiobooks you can buy and download from their library. The e-book distribution service has more than 5 million e-book offerings, and you can use them on your mobile phone as well as a kindle, and audible apps.

The platform showcase deals, offerings, books based on different topics such as self-help, work, romance, etc., and you can also find comic books, school books, and children's books in the Play Store.

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV is another section in the Google Play Store, where you can rent and buy movies and TV show episodes. You can see the recent releases, recommended for you section, offers, and deals, also popular movies & TV shows in the service.

Google Play: It’s a huge playground of opportunities to improve, promote and sell your app. By discovering each element of the platform, you will know where will you publish your app, what to expect, and how to maximize your efforts on your way to reach your android users.

Now that you’ve gained the information you need, you are doing the right footwork towards getting your app(s) up and running in no time. Learning the important information and basics about the platform is a great start. But if you need to take advanced actions, comprehensive marketing support, and expertise, Cherry is here to market your app, maximize all of your efforts and reach your potential users.


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