Frequently Asked Questions

About Partnership

Does Cherry Cover All of The Marketing Expenses?

Yes. Cherry covers all of the marketing expenses. During our partnership, our partners won’t spend even a penny.

How Is The Revenue Split Between Cherry And The Development Team?

Our partnership is based on revenue-sharing. Cherry will receive 60% of the net profit while you will be receiving 40% without any additional costs.

How Does the Partnership Process Work?

After you have submitted your app to us, we will need access to your App Store Connect account so that we can conduct an initial analysis.

Once we have reviewed the app for marketing potential, we will perform market tests to determine if your app finds an audience with Cherry.

What Roles & Responsibilities Do Cherry And The Development Team Hold In This Partnership?

Cherry takes over all of the marketing activities including the creation of all creatives, pricing, content, and campaign execution on various digital channels.

Cherry may make recommendations on the product to boost customer acquisition and retention rates, however, development teams are not obliged to implement those suggestions.

The development teams are responsible for maintaining a bug-free app and keeping it running for the last 3 versions of the operating system (OS) and giving customer support.

Will I Have To Pay For Anything?

No, once you become a partner with Cherry, you won’t have to pay for any marketing expenses, ever. Since we’re a marketing company, our partnership doesn’t include development expenses. But your marketing expenses will be fully on us.

Will I Lose All Access To My App After Becoming A Partner?

As Cherry, we will give you all the necessary access to your app. And we will provide you with quarterly reports, sent every three months. So you will be able to see all the actions and processes that your app goes through.

To Become A Partner, How Will I Share My App's Information With Cherry?

When you submit your app, we will request sales access to your app’s App Store Connect account. This access will be needed for our initial analysis to see your app’s marketing potential.
If your app is approved, we will conduct our marketing tests to see the demand for your app. If the results are positive we will welcome you to our family of apps.

I Don’t Want To Transfer My Own App, Can I Transfer A Clone Of My App?

Yes, you can transfer the clone of your app to us. You can become our partner with a clone app. But in this way, our deal will include a different percentage of revenue-sharing.

Can I Cancel My Partnership With Cherry?

Yes, you will always have the right to cancel your partnership.

About Eligibility

Is My App Eligible For Cherry?

If your app is,

• Active
• A non-gaming app,
• Works with the Subscription model,
• And has over 3.75 ratings,

You can submit your app. After submitting, your app can be eligible based on the results of marketing tests.

How Can I Become a Cherry Partner?

We conduct marketing tests for your app to see the demand that your app has. If your app passes our tests, you become our partner and we start to work on marketing your app.

About Marketing

What Does Cherry Do?

We're an app publishing company and we've been marketing mobile apps for +10 years. But now, we are dedicated to discovering great apps with high potential, supporting independent developers, and looking for new partnership opportunities.

Who Is In The Cherry Team?

Cherry has pricing, content, design, and marketing experts. Each of our experts is a professional that is specialized in their area. Cherry team also includes experts and internal consultants who had a mobile app marketing background for over 10 years.

How Do You Choose Countries To Market An App?

Demand for an app can vary in different countries. We make our selections based on the results of the marketing tests we made. And give our marketing efforts to the countries that will bring us maximum revenue and installs.

How Do You Choose Channels To Market An App?

Based on the target market of your app and research, our marketing team determines the channels. Our marketing team selects the channels that have a high opportunity for each app.