Marketed by Cherry, Storico is an app that transforms the concept of post-editing into a fun and creative experience.

Cherry helped Storico double its lifetime value by implementing a series of changes, including keyword optimization, and analyzing the trending keywords and major competitors in the market.

After conducting the data-oriented marketing approach by our professional team, Cherry helped Storico double its LTV from $9.23 to $18.00 in just 30 days.


Teleprompter is a revolutionary video recording app, marketed by Cherry.

We've provided the technology and know-how needed to professionally market the app across multiple platforms. 

Cherry helped Teleprompter increase its conversion rate by building a data and market-based approach in just 30 days.

Within a month;

The conversion rate increased 7x times

Install to subscriptions increased 7x times

App Vault

App Vault is a utility app marketed by Cherry.

We've conducted tailor-made keyword optimization strategy to increase the conversion rate and Install to Action (ItA).

Marketing strategies were implemented while managing to minimize the refund rate by our experienced team.

Within a month of the project;

-Install to Action (ItA) increased by x3,
-Conversion rate increased more than x4.5
-The refund rate decreased almost as low as half of the starting rate.

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