Mobile App Stores have become the world’s most dominant online marketplace.

Apple App Store is a powerful engine for the discovery and distribution of digital products. It has enabled many companies and developers to achieve success. With over 50 billion downloads, the Apple App Store is a gold mine of opportunity.

To be a successful app developer, it is important to understand how the app store works. It’s no secret that the process can be quite complicated; so we’re here to break everything down for you.

What Is App Store, How Does It Work?

The Apple App Store is a digital distribution platform used for distributing a mixture of both first-party and third-party apps to iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. Each ecosystem is locked down to apps on the store except for macOS, where users can still download apps directly from the web.

It has become the single most profitable piece of software in history. It has changed how software applications are distributed and marketed, being responsible for the rise in mobile application development. As a result, the competition has grown fierce with rivals such as Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Microsoft Store trying to achieve similar levels of success. However, while the store has become more challenging to get an app approved since 2013,  it still remains one of the top three app stores in terms of revenue and growth.

App Store: A Brief History & Fast Facts


When Did App Store Launch?

App Store was launched on July 10, 2008.

How Many Apps Are There In The App Store?

As of 2022, There are 1.96 Million available in the Apple App Store.

How Many Apps Are Free In The App Store?

Currently, 92.3% of the Apps are free in the Apple App Store.

What Are The Most Popular Categories In The App Store?

Game is the top category followed by Business and Education in the Apple App Store. These are the most popular app categories on the platform.

The Approval Process Of The App Store


Do All Apps Have To Be Approved By Apple?

Yes, each app that’s been submitted to App Store is assessed by the review team. Apple wants to create a safe and trusted place for its users, so every app on the Apple App Store should have a certain standard to keep the platform a qualified and reliable place for the audience.

How Long Does It Take To Get App Store Approval?

While the approval process of the Apple App Store usually takes 1-4 weeks, sometimes it can take more than that depending on the app.

Why Would Apple Reject An App?

These are the top three reasons why Apple App Store rejects an app:

1.  Incompleteness Of Metadata & URL’s
2.  Design & Localization Mistakes
3.  Performance: Inaccurate Metadata
(Source: Global App Testing)

Before you submit your app to the App Store, make sure all the information (your name, email, app ID, link, images, and logos of your app) is accurate and true. Besides the main information, you will provide to the app store, make sure to double-check your app’s description, title and subtitle. Each content element of your app should be relevant and complete.

If your app is cleaned from all the crashes and bugs, you should also make sure that you have a strong UI and follow the required guideline properly. Click Apple App Store Review Guidelines to learn more information.


What is TestFlight used for? What is TestFlight in App Store?

TestFlight is the ideal solution for app developers and designers looking to beta test their app or beta test private, enterprise apps. With a variety of ways to send out your invites and valuable information about how testers can best provide input on your product, TestFlight offers all of the tools a developer needs to plan, recruit, and analyze—making it easily the most effective way for mobile app developers to get user feedback.

Is It Free To Use TestFlight?

If you’re beta testing other’s apps, TestFlight is free to use. As a developer, if you’re testing your own app, you should have a developer account to do so, which requires a certain amount of fee. 

How do you use TestFlight on iPhone?

After you’ve installed the App Store Connect, you should send invites to people who will be testing your app. The testers should download TestFlight app and enter the invitation code the app owner sends to them, in order to start testing.


In conclusion, the secret to success in the App Store is understanding it. You can’t just publish an app and hope for the best, you have to plan it and work at it, with a professional team that helps you analyze the store, understand your competition, and leverage your advantage with good planning.

Naturally, as the app store matures, the environment becomes more competitive but with planning and hard work you can still beat the odds. And whenever you need help to market your app and unlock its full potential, Cherry is here for you.

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