Since Apple launched its App Store in 2008, app development has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Today we have an App Store with over 1.8 million apps. The annual income of an app developer is $101,899 per year, and $135 Billion is generated by the app industry as a whole. Where do you fit in?

In this article, we will share the details and the most important steps on your way to publishing your mobile application. We'll take a look at the information you need to publish your app and outline everything app developers need to know about app publishing.

What Is App Publishing?

Publishing is the general process that makes your applications available to users.* After you’ve developed your application, if your app is an android app, you can submit it to Google Play Store, or if it’s an iOS app, you can submit your product to the App Store. There are certain steps and requirements to publish your app. 

What’s An App Publishing Company?

An app publishing company works for getting your product to become its best version so that the product can be marketed and reach more users, installs, subscriptions, etc. An app publishing company has a pricing team, marketing team, content team, and creative team to optimize your app. These companies do market research in different countries, specify the best pricing and packages for your app, create the ideal app description text, title, subtitle, visuals, videos, and conduct ad campaigns and marketing tests. If you work with an app publishing company, this means you’re partnered with them. They invest in your app in terms of marketing, optimize it to its best version, and share the outcome in return. In other words, you don’t have to pay for your app or sell your app, and if you need more budget to reach your goals, you should definitely think about it. 

How Do You Get An App Published?

You're on the internet searching for how to publish a mobile app? There are different steps for publishing your app in Play Store and App Store. While Google and Apple have large and informative guidelines for publishing apps on their platforms, you can find several websites explaining how to publish your mobile app for android apps, as well as iOS apps. To make it short, you should open a developer account, and apply the requirements from each company (you can read the guidelines we've shared above) and if they approve, you can get your app published.

How Do I Market My App In 2022?

You can market your app by yourself, work with app marketing agencies or work with app publishing companies, like Cherry. Such publishing firms support your app from A to Z, going beyond its marketing and keeping your app improved continuously.

Is Publishing An App Free?

Publishing a mobile app is not free, you should pay a certain fee to open a developer account in app stores to publish your app.


How Much It Costs To Publish An App? 

Both Apple and Google require a certain fee to publish your app on their platform. You should open a developer account in each one, follow their requirements, and then submit your app. When you open a developer account, there’s a defined amount fee you should pay for each platform, which you can find below. These payments are paid on a yearly basis. 

As of 2022,

App Store Fee: $100 (for a year)

Google Play Store Fee: $25 (for a year)

You can also follow upcoming news and announcements of Apple for app developers from here.

Does Apple and Google Reduce Fee From Your App?

When you publish your app to the stores, Apple and Google reduce a certain amount of money from the yearly revenue. Starting from 2022, Google reduced the fee of subscription-based apps from 30% to 15%. And Apple cut %30 of your yearly earnings, only for the first year.

How Much Money Do App Publishing Companies Make in 2022?

t's not possible to provide a certain figure app publishing companies make because each app generates different revenue depending on several factors. But you can have an idea based on the yearly revenue of top app publishing companies.

If you are considering publishing your app, we hope these statistics and points will help you find the answer you’re looking for.

Crafting a successful app requires that you have a passion for software development, business foresight, and marketing savvy. If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, then by all means go for it! Good luck in your app publishing endeavors. But if you're only into developing the best version of your product and have no idea about the business and the marketing side of things, don't dread it. Publishing companies like Cherry are here to help.


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