Apple’s App Store is a hub for downloads for iPhone and iPad users, with new software powering more than 1.5 billion iOS devices around the world. But did you know that Apple’s popular mobile storefront also provides app creators with a way to build and promote new apps within its interface? With App Store product pages of iOS 15—which allow marketers to create custom versions of their App Store product page, highlighting specific features or pieces of content on each different page—app makers can reach customers more easily and actively engage with them on a personal level.

The ability to create unique product pages on the App Store is a relatively new feature, but it’s a major benefit nonetheless. This article explains what Custom Pages are, how you can use them, and why they’re important to your app marketing efforts.


Whether your app centers around its stunning visual design, revolutionary idea, or work-saving features and tools - you can share additional or customized information through multiple product page variants. Creating a custom product page for each feature allows you to highlight the benefits of your app while also increasing downloads and app store ratings.

Image Credits: Apple

In the custom product page example shared by App Store, you can see the app named “Mountain Climber” has three custom product pages for their different users, such as bikers, rock climbers, and backcountry hikers.

When Did The Custom Product Pages Upgrade Release?

The app store product pages were revealed by Apple for the first time at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June where the release date was announced to befall of 2021. As of now, the feature is available to use.

What Are The iOS 15 Custom Product Page Updates?

* You can use custom product pages in iOS 15 and iPad 15, or later versions.

* On each product page, you can change screenshots, promotional text, and app previews.

* Each custom product page has a different audience with unique URLs.

You can create up to 35 different custom product pages based on your needs.

* While screenshots, promotional text, and app previews can change for each custom product page, the icon of the app will not. Each different product page will display the same logo of the app.

You can watch the video “Getting Started With The Custom Product Pages” on the Apple website.

How To Create And Optimize Custom Product Pages?

1- Determine Your Audience Profiles

Think about the users of your app. When you were creating the app, who was on your mind, and who would benefit from your product? Determine their age, demographics, country, gender, preferences, and interests. Outline how they would engage with your app, in which ways they need it and how they will use it, and create different personas.

2- Create Custom Pages For Each Persona

Based on different audience personas your app has, create a promotional text, app screenshots, or app preview video for each user persona.

3- Open App Store Connect Account

Sign in to your App Store Connect account, select your app, and you will see the “Custom Product Pages” on the left, in the “Features” section.

Upload the screenshots you’ve created, and submit them to be reviewed.

Image Credits: Apple

Product pages allow you to create a highly customized space for the product that you’re displaying. You can easily showcase the most important details, along with additional images, videos, and any other relevant information with the personal segmentation for each user persona.

It is also important to note that testing on a custom store page is not possible. That being said, if you are interested in learning the best ways to build custom store pages for your product or service, you can work with our professional team to maximize your efforts, without having to pay for it. Cherry can help you walk through this process and help you reach your users worldwide.

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